HSC solutions are based on HSC applications, framework and middleware, open source and third parties software:

HSCLeanFlow, the framework, designed to manage a Lean Material Flow, uses Wireless to connect the field with the ERP and SCM systems while RFID/BLE automatically detects the goods during transportation and in the warehouses, with minor effort, less time and less errors in logistics and manufacturing.

HSCStorepoint is the solution designed for lifestyle retail. It applies RFID to detect the goods on the shelves in real-time, preventing stock-out, collecting the customer preferences at the store and providing context dependent information inside multimedia dressing rooms or in front of amazing mirrors that show product details or personal prices, detecting electronic labels and loyalty cards in the near field. 1st Fast Interactive RFID Surface Technology is the foundation of Customer Experience and Interactive information of HSC solutions, like smart shelves and smart fitting rooms, in fashion, but also in some industrial solution when it is necessary to interact without asking actions to the operators. 1st mixes RFID and Multimedia technologies to provide very easy to use and effective solutions. 3rd Tracking and Handy Inventory for Retail and Distribution, is the mobile RFID inventory components that allows quick and easy inventory on tablet and PDA. Multichannel e-commerce is part of the solution and link the shopper from the web pages on its desktop to the smart shelf digital contents for a seamless experience.

HSCMuseum,mixes different technologies to create and manage a digital stage machine able to amaze and surprise the audience of museum and exhibitions but also of showrooms and stores. HSC uses HSCMuseum to pilot monitors, video projectors, sound showers, lights and motion, adding Internet of Things and RFID interaction to create allways new dynamics paths.

EcoWallet, provides the foundation for the development of advanced multi-service cards in public and private services. EcoWallet is used by HSC in Local Public Administration to manage services like school meals booking, personal health data management, access to cultural and sport facilities and bike sharing ot to recycling facilities  at the same time. In Retail  EcoWallet is also used as an advanced loyalty card able to offer customers several advantages and can be shared between retailer. EcoWallet uses the secure contactless technology selected to manage transportation and identification card and can be used as an electronic wallet and as access control tool.

HSCRFIDLib, provides all the primitives to implement IoT technologies into a middleware designed to decouple applications from technology management and make them independent from specific hardware and drivers.