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Logistics and Manufacturing

Since the very beginning HSC offered consulting and services to automate the logistic process of manufacturing and distribution. HSC developed solutions that automate and streamline material flow in different industries, from automotive to manufacturer of home fixtures, from the distribution of Consumer good to the vehicles and parking lot management. HSC is redesigning the processes with an extensive use of wireless and auto-identification, combining lean manufacturing principle to the power of mobile computing. With HSCLeanFlow HSC addresses different problems of the customer:

  1. Identification and location of goods in the supply chain to optimize space and performance
  2. Internal and external Kanban to call material within the plant and from the supplier
  3. Wireless shipment and receiving process to expedite the operations
  4. Wireless inventory for a better control on goods eliminating errors and unnecessary activities

HSC integrate RFID and other auto-id techniques to HSCLeanFlow or directly to the customer system to create automatic material control systems designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in all the material handling.