Fashion Retail

HSC offers marketers and merchandisers a new concept of store, designed to amaze and fascinate the shopper, cooperating with skilled partners specialized in shop design and electronics to deploy the most original solutions in a fashionable ambient.

Auto-identification (RFID and NFC) are the core of the HSCStorePoint real innovative solutions for Points of Sale, allowing for:

  1. Automatic identification of goods on the shelf, incoming and outgoing from the store
  2. Augmented reality and Interactive In-Store Information
  3. Exclusive Loyalty programs feeding the CRM with information unimaginable before
  4. Smart check-out and revolutionary anti-theft techniques
  5. Anti counterfeit in after sales

After the deployment of the first contactless loyalty card in the Italian retail, in 2007, HSC developed a new concept of smart display to keep track of the movement of glasses for logistics and marketing purposes. Since that time HSC improved its capability and offering extending HSCStorePoint and HSCLeanFlow to manage Anti counterfeit RFID labels in Appareil, Shoes and Leather goods and a powerful system to track all the passage of each single item across all the supply chain from production trough distribution, till point of sale and after sales.

HSC sees in Fashion and Luxury its elective market and focuses most of its activities in investigating new possibility of the tecnology to stremline goods flows  in the fashion and luxury supply chain and to create new buying experinces to the point of sales.

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Download this file (028_080129_CeBIT_EN_articolo.pdf)CeBIT_enSimplifying the next coming future store with ubiquicomp538 kB
Download this file (028_1st_prova_brochure_003.pdf)1st F.I.R.S.T._It1st F.I.R.S.T. Fashion Interactive RFID Surfaces Technology (Italian)715 kB
Download this file (028_3rd_brochure_001.pdf)3rd T.H.I.R.D._It3rd T.H.I.R.D. Tracking and Handy Inventory for Retail and Distribution (Italian)781 kB
Download this file (028_HSC_SoT_EN_01.pdf)2nt SEC.ON.T_En2nt SEC.ON.T - Security on Things - tracking and anti counterfeiting ( English)614 kB