Digital Heritage and Exhibitions

HSC provides innovative solutions to create dynamic and interactive animation in public locations like museums and exhibitions. HSCMuseum, put together in a single platform, actuators, interaction systems, like sensors or RFID and multimedia players to create amazing effects on the visitors. Like in Digital Signage, HSCMuseum is able to play sequences of videos, images, sounds, text, according to predifined scripts, but it add the capability of the building automation to command lights, motors or other kind of automation, all together, conditioned from events generated by the touch of an object, the passage of people or pressing a button, that change the contents of the show.

The idea behind HSC solutions is to provide a digital stage machine able to create impressive physical and virtual effects to amaze and amuse the audience capturing its attention, using  monitors, video projectors, holographic screens, sound showers to make each visit a personal experience.

HSC uses Content management, ITC and networking technologies to facilitate the museum curator to plan and create specific path of visit, with ever different contents that depends on the kind of people guided in a visit or on the period. All in an easy and practical way.

HSC also provides its expeience to create interaction with the visitors, using Internet on Things in smart shelves and tables to link the multimedial contents to the touched object and NFC to provide a personal experience usiing smartphones and tablet, also in an outdoor environment.

EcoWallet, the HSC platform for multiservice contactless cards allows eiither ticketing and the identification of the visitor, e.g. for the presentation of contents in a different language, but also the combination of different services in a single card, like museum ticket, bike sharing, public transportation and parking.