HSC implements wireless technologies, RFID, NFC, e-commerce and Business Intelligence, combining technology with an in-depth knowledge of logistics and distribution processes, developed in significant projects by its partners and consultants. Since 2003 HSC developed innovative solution to:

  1. to Identify and locate assets and people
  2. to Simplify material flow and traceability
  3. to implement Security on Things (anti counterfeit and anti theft )
  4. to provide people with new shopping or visit experiences
  5. to Simplify the information communication
  6. to Automate low value added activities

HSC is an innovator in different industry sectors, form luxury and fashion to advanced services and local public administration. We provide consulting and Radio Frequency technology (RFID, NFC, Wireless) to automate sales, distribution, advanced services and manufacturing. HSC implemented  its RF solutions in several markets:

  1. Luxury and Fashion
  2. Textile
  3. Discrete Manufacturing (e.g. automotive, home fixture, electronics)
  4. Distribution and retail
  5. Logistics ( eg. consumer goods, parking lot)
  6. Local Public Administration
  7. Museums and exibitions