ISO 9001 Certification

On July 3, 2017 H&S Custom was certified UNI EN ISO9001:2015 according to the TUV PROFICERT procedures for the scope

"Provision of consulting and training services; development of technological and computer solutions for companies and public administration. Production, adjustment, trade and technical services for hardware and software technical products".

Scope: 33G05; 37G06 (EA: 33; 37)


With ISO9001:2015 certification H&S Custom perpetuate the effort started in  on June 2014 with the certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 10014-2007

Operating in strategic sectors of its customers not only requires competence, availability and continuity in time but also requires a big commitment to quality. Since 2003 H&S Custom helps its customers to develop and maintain their business in manufacturing, distribution and public administration following the whole lifecycle of their information systems. We developped software for lean plants, for logistics, for customer strategic applications, we maintained their information systems. We operated in most of the sectors from medical devices to automotive, from fashion to food, from insurances to local public administration.

In these years, we believe to have satisfied the interests of stakeholders, being citizens, consumers, entepreneurs, managers and employees of our customers , developing efficient and effective solutions in the respects of norms and laws. 

To afford the second decade of company life, the managemen and shareholders of H&S Custom decided to testify their commitment to customer certifying the company  UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 e ISO10014:2007.

The certification has not been only a formal step, but also an occasion to review our processes and to set  methodologies and tecniques more sophisticated in the software management.

The UNI EN 10014:2015 indicate the way for a sustainable success for the organisation, certifying the application of the  tools necessary to a safe and correct management, the same principles that H&S Customs teachs to its customers in Consulting, based on Lean Organisation, such as customer orientation, continuous improvement, process approach, involvement of all the internal and external resources.