HSC operate in several markets where radiofrequency and RFID can be applied and has references in most of industrial and service markets. Never the less,  during the time, its vocation became to be leader in luxury and fashion and in all that sectors that produce and distribute the so called "lifestyle products". 

One of the concept in which HSC is more interested is Security on Thing, an original paradigm that HSC implemented in very important company in luxurry and retail, but extensible to other industries where the certification of originality of the goods and a strong traceability are required.

HSC also works in manufacturing and distribution ed in particular  in textile and automotive, but also in food and beverage ( fine wines), medical, electromechanical and mechanical, industries where the HSC senior partners come from.

Finally HSC has good reference in Local Public Administration and organisation that provide services to citizen, for which HSC developped innovative solution in Contactless multiservice card, RFID identification of cars for parking and solutions of augmented reality for exibitions and museum.