H&S Custom (HSC) is an organisation that leverages on Radiofrequency and ICT to help its customers  to change the way they manage business in retail, distribution, logistics and advanced services. In HSC view RF is the mean to reach the place where things happen when they happen. Mobile computing, RFID, NFC are some of the technologies applied to customer project to identify people, vehicle and assets both in public and private organisations.

RF Auto-identification (RFID) is the core of the HSCStorePoint  innovative solutions for Points of Sale, that allows  
automatic identification of goods on the shelf, incoming and outgoing from the store,  Augmented Reality and Interactive In-Store Information to provide a new buying experience to the customers,   exclusive Loyalty programs feeding the CRM with  information unimaginable before and, last but not least, a powerful tool to contrast goods counterfeit.

With EcoWallet
(www.ecowallet.eu), its unique multiservice contactless card, HSC provide the public local administration and private service company with a unique tool to incentivate citizen to use the service provided, like parking, transportation, bike sharing, access to sport centres, access to public wireless connection, reverse vending to collect empty cans and disposable bottles and much more.

HSC also uses wireless technology to help loss adjusters to locate assets and track damages at the exit of the production line or at the dock where they are shipped. 
No matter if the assets are in the plant courtyard or at hundreds miles away from the office, the personnel detect their RFID signal, collect information and transmit them using wireless network, mobile phone or satellite technology.

What really distinguishes HSC is its ability to follow a project in all its phases, from the concept to the deployment; HSC senior partners developed their consulting skill in large and medium organisations, often multinational.
This experience, together with the technical skills, project management capability and reliable partnership with technology and software providers helps HSC to convert technology opportunities into a customer success.


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