In a rapid evolving and high competitive environment, the Innovation is not only a need but a reason of life for the challenging companies. In all the organizations, from manufacturing to advanced services, re-thinking the business process in term of efficiency and performance is mandatory to succeed.

H&S Custom (HSC), the IoT division of TESISQUARE® is an organization that since 2003 leverages on Radiofrequency and ICT to help its customers to change the way they manage business in retail, distribution, manufacturing and advanced services. In HSC view Radiofrequency (RF) is the mean to reach the place where things happen when they happen. Mobile computing, RF Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are some of the technology applied to customer project to streamline material flow through the supply chain or to interact with the customer at the Point-of-Sales. The Internet of things (IoT) automate the interaction of the objects with  the surrounding world: from the warehousing bays to the shelf at the point of sales, to the consumer smartphone, linking it to its digital contents and to the on going process.

Helping customer to improve business performances with process reengineering and the application of Wireless and RFID technologies

HSC leverages on RF technology to simplify process reducing reaction time, resources and errors and offering new possibility of management and customer interactions till now unexplored.


Since  2018 H&S Custom is part of the ecosystem of  TESISQUARE® , www.tesisquare.com, technological partner specialized in design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems, with the objective to integrate the IoT technologies into the collaborative platform of  TESISQUARE®.