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HSCStorepoint, applies RFID to detect the goods on the shelves in real-time, preventing stock-out, collecting the customer preferences at the store and providing context dependent information inside multimedia dressing rooms or in front of amazing mirrors that show product details or personal prices, detecting electronic labels and loyalty cards in the near field.

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Download this file (047_1st_brochure_004.pdf)F.I.R.S.T. Fashion Interactive RFID SuCustomer engagement ed Heuristic merchandising per il Lifestyle Retail683 kB
Download this file (047_2NT_brochure_002.pdf)SEC.ON.T. Security on ThingsLoss prevention e differenze inventariali499 kB
Download this file (047_3rd_brochure_002.pdf)T.H.I.R.D. Tracking and Handy Inventory for Retail and DistributionGestione fisica del materiale in store e nei magazzini - tracciabilità di prodotto752 kB
Download this file (047_HSCStorePoint_02.pdf)Product Brochure - HSCStorePoint_ITProduct Brochure - HSCStorePoint_IT724 kB
Download this file (047_HSCStorePoint_AR_3.pdf)Product Brochure - HSCStorePoint ARProduct Brochure - HSCStorePoint AR406 kB
Download this file (047_HSCStorePoint_AR_3_EN.pdf)Product Brochure - HSCStorePoint AR_ENProduct Brochure - HSCStorePoint AR_EN405 kB
Download this file (047_HSCStorePoint_En.pdf)Product Brochure - HSCStorePoint_ENProduct Brochure - HSCStorePoint_EN864 kB
Download this file (047_HSCStorePoint_INV_01.pdf)Product Brochure - HSCStorePoint_Inv_ITProduct Brochure - HSCStorePoint_Inv_IT653 kB